Tea sweet kitchen continued

So, I have been experimenting with some Japanese tea sweet recipes. The problem is that I cannot read Japanese too well. So, the outcome is usually rather unexpected.

This time is was a konashi based sweet with matcha colouring (not a very suitable sweet for the tearoom though due to the double matcha). Konashi I have done before and actually the most time-consuming part is making shiro-an. I made two different kinds, one with butter beans and the other with usual white beans. They turn out a bit different , the one made with butter beans has a slightly different structure. For the konashi, butter bean an worked perfectly well.

Konashi sweet with matcha

Konashi sweet with matcha

The paste was really easy to use and surprisingly enough the sweets turned out just like in the picture. Wohoo! This never happens. Well ok, I put a bit too much of matcha in the paste so the colour was quite very green and the taste a bit koicha-like. But the texture was good. I’ll give it a try again. I’d like to try it with some other colouring, maybe a berry juice or so.

I got so excited that I decided to go and buy soy beans to try out something else today.

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