Love and Anarchy

August-September is culture-wise probably the busiest time of the year in Helsinki. Latest attraction was Love and Anarchy film festival. I thought I wouldn’t make it to any of the films due to a really busy work schedule in September, but I did manage to see three films! I guess the point is that you always have time for things that you want to have time for.

Of the three films (Upstream Color, A Touch of Sin and Reaching for the Moon) I liked the last mentioned most. It obviously also had the biggest production budget. The Chinese film (A Touch of Sin) was sold to me by a Chinese friend saying it’s about normal people in China. Quite a Chinese definition of normality. It was a good film though.

A Touch of Sin

A Touch of Sin

Upstream color was depressing but nicely built around everyday sounds. Walking out of the theatre felt like still being in the movie. As if you were manipulated into the soundscape. The story I didn’t find too interesting and it felt like a film made for engineers, but I liked the idea of manipulating the audience of a film on manipulation. Anyway, the whole package was a bit too complicated to me.

Reaching for the Moon I liked a lot. This film looks fantastic and even though the story is about three women, it feels like an ordinary love story. Very inspiring and well-written drama. Extra points for the beautiful interior design!

This weekend I’ll try some kaiseki cooking and sweet making! Already excited!

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